Resident Artist
Roger Suckling’s work is based around themes of location/ place/ autobiography, using photography and moving image to explore place and time, to map a visual account of both the present and the past. A process of revisiting and recording significant locations is combined with a contemporary documentation of the everyday, offering a reinterpretation with new meanings and connections that attempts to make a universal image beyond the personal. Working in video, film, animation and photography he is looking at how to make personal concerns of interest to a wider audience.

He is a member of Film Free and Easy an artist led group that puts on events offering a platform for artists’ films, performance and installations.

He has contributed to exhibitions of photographic and moving image work in the UK, Sydney, Australia, and Chicago, USA.

He has worked in community/participatory arts, further and higher education and in freelance media production.

Selected works
Three trugs from Wilko’s, kinetic installation by Pete Ellis for Nottingham’ Lightnight, art documentary 4m 40s

- ‘A Walk Across Town A+B’, Part A A Walk Across Town, video 6m 36s, Part B GoPro Are You Listening, video 1m 51s
- The making of “When This Tree Blossoms…”, video 5m 47s

Eukonomics, video for the Film Free and Easy event, Primary, 22s

Fence, 10 colour photographs, Laser prints

New Art Exchange
Member, Board of Trustees
Kimberley Bell
Resident Cook & Food Consultant CANTEEN
Resident Artist STUDIO A2

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