Hauntings, Traci Kelly & Rhiannon Jones (2014),
Image credit: Julian Hughes.

Rhiannon Jones

Resident Artist


Rhiannon Jones is an arts practitioner and currently a Post Doctoral Researcher for the Digital and Material Artistic Research Centre (DMARC), College of Arts at the University of Derby. She co-founded InDialogue (2012 – present), an International biannual symposium for artists, researchers and industry, exploring the use of dialogue through practice.

Rhiannon is Chair of Contemporary Art working group for Cumulus, (2019-present) and a Trustee of New Art Exchange, Nottingham. Until very recently, she was General Manager of Third Angel Theatre Company (ACE portfolio), and Associate Lecturer at NTU in the school of Art and Design. She is also a freelance mentor to the arts industry and professionals and often advise new and emerging artists.

She is cofounder and curator of InDialogue a collaborative research project with Dr Heather Connelly (2012 – present). InDialogue hosts a range of International Arts Symposia and Artist Residencies. In November 2019 InDialogue is working with 16 cultural partner organisations across 3 midland cities in Derby, Nottingham and Lincoln. She is also a co-founder of Thinking Through Practice Research Group.

The Social Higher Education Depot (S.H.E.D), in partnership with artist Simon Burrows, touring nationally from summer 2019-22. She is also a selected artist in the Expanded Studio Project, supported by ACE and Belfast City Council.

In parallel to this activity Rhiannon has recently authored a chapter for Intellect Playtext Series –The Trilogy: Acts of Dramaturgy and an article in Staging the Wreckage, for Performance Research Journal. She is co-editing the publication InDialogue: an anthology and S.H.E.D: transforming spaces for cultural, social and political discourse, both publications with Palgrave.

Rhiannon has a PhD by practice from Nottingham Trent University. She designed a dialogical methodology that focuses on the value of a lived act; the act of participation in conversation through a body of practice that has looked at the performative and tactile nature of The Artistry of Conversation.

She has exhibited and published work internationally and in the UK she was selected by ELIA as an emerging UK artist in 2006 and her production  Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité was shortlisted for the Edinburgh First Fringe Award in 2007.

She has made work for Surface Gallery, Nottingham, PACE Leicester, Little Theatre Leicester, Phoenix Arts Theatre, Leciester, New Art Exchange, Nottingham, Nottingham Contemporary, The Junction, Cambridge,The Archways, London. She has produced and toured works in Gent, Belgium, Athens, Georgia, Sweden, Italy and USA.


Residencies, Works and Exhibitions [Selected]
Design without walls, pre Brexit. Speaker, Ecole Boulle, Paris (2018)

Parenthesis (working title) (2014 – Present) Collaboration with artist Traci Kelly under the name of Kelly&Jones

InDialogue (2012, 2014 and 2016) Founder and curator, hosted by Nottingham Contemporary in partnership with Dance4 and Nottingham City Council.

Light Night, artist (2013) supported by Nottingham City Council.

Wonderland, creative director (2012 – 2014) 16month project in partnership with New Art Exchange supported by Nottingham City Council.
The Drawing Board (2014) artist residency (2014) Kelly & Jones, Primary, Nottingham.

Freedom in Air, resident artist (2013) commissioned by The Cutting Room & Nottingham Playhouse to deliver a community engagement project for The Kite Runner.

Mediated Riots, artist (2013) commissioned by Synapse Arts & New Art Exchange. The Art of Conversation, artist (2012) Backlit, Nottingham & Georgia, Athens USA solo touring exhibition.

Archipelago, artist (2011) Bonington Gallery, Nottingham Trent University.


Curatorial Practice
Research and the Researcher postgraduate research conference, curatorial team, Nottingham Trent University (2013).

In Dialogue: An International Symposium for Artists and Researchers, founder and curator, Nottingham Contemporary & Primary (2012, 2014 and 2016).


Professional Organisations / Networks
Board member for Synapse Arts (2012 – present).

Resident Artist at Primary, Nottingham, (2012 – present)

U21C invited working group member, Nottingham Trent University (2014 – present).

International contemporary art working group member, Cumulus (2013 – present).


Conferences and Symposia
Facilitator at Cumulus Conference, contemporary art working group, Averio, Portugal (2014).

Facilitator at Cumulus Conference, contemporary art working group, Milan, Italy (2015).

Design on E Learning Conference, Conference Paper at Camberwell University, London (2009).

ELIA conference funded selected artist, Gent, Belgium (2006).

Dialogical Self, International Conference, Georgia USA, paper publication and speaker (2012).

RaRa guest speaker, Loughborough University, School Fine Art (2011).

The Art of Conversation: uncovering creativity through inspiration, Nottingham Trent University, publication (2012).

Archipelago, Series of Event Nights at Bonington Gallery, Nottingham Trent University (2012).

Thinking Through Practice Research Group for PhD Students across the Midlands, bi-Monthly Events creator and member.


Artistic Research and Professional Practice in the City (2015) Cumulus, Milan, Italy.

Engaging Arts through Empowering Acts (2014) workshop facilitator at University Averio, Portugal. (Online: http://www.cumulusassociation.org/cumulus-working-papers-aveiro-3214/).

Acting Locally Thinking Globally (2013). Co-authored with Carol Jones, Cumulus, Kalmar, Sweden.

The Dialogical Self (2012). University Georgia, USA.

Causality and Performativity of Scars (2011) Nottingham Trent University.

The Art of Conversation: Uncovering Artistic Inspiration. In: Defining Contributions: Inspiration Driving Original Research, (2012). Nottingham Trent University, pp. 59-65. (Online: http://definingcontributions.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/rpc_defining- _contributions_publication.pdf ).

I predict a riot (2016) Invited author for RIOT publication for Jimmy Cauty’s ADP Riot Tour, New Art Exchange (Online: http://www.theartistryofconversation.com).

InDialogue: An International Symposium for Artists and Researchers. Co-founder and curator. Nottingham Contemporary & New Art Exchange in partnership with Dance4 and Nottingham City Council (2016).

Jimmy Cauty’s ADP Riot Tour, invited author for RIOT publication, New Art Exchange (2016). Poster paper, Cumulus Conference Global Thinking- Local Action- Future Life in Kalmar,

Sweden Linnaeus University, Sweden, June (2013).
Loughborough University, Social Sciences International Conference Discourse, Communication, 

Conversation, Paper Publication and Conference Speaker (2012).
Nottingham Trent Conference Defining Contributions, paper publication and speaker (2012).
A full list of publications can be found here


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