Triangular, Flag Commission 2017, Louisa Chambers, The Usher Gallery, Lincoln, (c) Andy Weekes

Louisa Chambers

Primary Artist Member

Since graduating from an MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art in 2007 Louisa Chambers has had a studio based practice with an inquiry into expanded Painting practice. This has been predominately through painting and more recently moving image, sculpture and wall painting that considers installation approaches in Fine Art.

Overall her work has responded to research into depiction and visual perception on two dimensional surfaces.

Louisa Chambers has been developing a series of works that incorporates a simple folded form (wrapping, found or architectural paper). The folded shapes are transfigured at speed, manipulated into temporary objects (three dimensional) and recorded from observation into a flat two-dimensional space (painting). Beginning as inanimate objects and through the process of painting; they are transformed into anthropomorphic beings situated in imagined domestic settings or behind patterned backdrops. Geometric patterns and coloured shapes are suspended behind the objects, or begin to merge – suggesting other spaces, windows, and portals beyond. The scenes and shapes that feature in the work tilt back and forth between abstraction and figuration. The transient quality of medium mirrors that of the temporal nature of the folded paper shapes that are recorded in the paintings. The forms can be simply squashed down and reconstructed again. These works are part of an on-going research into depiction and visual perception on two and three-dimensional surface.

Selected Exhibitions
- Enough is Definitely Enough, General Practice, Lincoln
- Pacific Breeze, White Conduit Projects, London

- Twice as Nice, PS Mirabel, Manchester
- Jackson’s Art Prize, AAF, London
- Trancendence, The Cello Factory, London

- Manuscript – Letter Home, China Academy of Arts Museum, Hangzhou, China
- Veneer, Wirksworth Festival, Wirksworth, Derbyshire (co-curated exhibition)
- A Table of Elements, Greystone Industries, Wickham Market, Suffolk
- Flag Commission, The Usher Gallery, Lincoln
- Line and Fold, PAPER Gallery, Manchester
- Summer Auction, Syson, Nottingham
- Line and Fold, PAPER Gallery, CAMPBASEL Revisted, A-Space, Basel
- The London Arts Board, The Camberwell Arts Festival, FORTYSEVENLDN, London
- Figure and Form, The Marlow Gallery, Derbyshire
- Precision of Thought, SE9 Container Gallery, London
- Magical Geometry, The Chapel Gallery, Lancashire

- Razzle Dazzle, Transition Gallery, London
- New Room, Classroom, Coventry
- Paper Cuts, Transition Gallery, London (On going project by Kristian Day)
- Only Yours Dear, Gallery No.1, Repton, Derbyshire (Solo)
- Drawn For Something Else, Rogue Project Space, Manchester
- Wham, Transition Gallery, The Manchester Contemporary, Manchester
- Wish You Were Here, Estuary Festival 2016, Metal, Southend-on-Sea, Essex
- BAD SIGNS/Adjustments, Atkinsons-Kram Gallery, London
- Now For Tomorrow II, Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery, Nottingham
- Lift, London Arts Board, London (Solo)
- Razzle: All that Jazz – If a Pair is two, what is three? The Harley
- Gallery, Wellbeck Estate, Nottinghamshire
- In the Paravent – If a Pair is two, what is three? The Harley Gallery,
Wellbeck Estate, Nottinghamshire

- Nottingham Castle Open 2015, Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery, Nottingham
- Geometry: Wonky or Otherwise, Déda, Derby
- Creekside Open 2015, Selected by Richard Deacon, APT Gallery, London
- Autocatalytic Future Games, no format Gallery, London
- In Miniature, Small Collections Room, Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham
- (detail), The Usher Gallery, Lincoln

- Harlequin, Gallery No. 1, Repton, Derby (Solo)
- 50 50 50, Syson, Nottingham
- Salon 6, Old Lockup Studio, Cromford
- Wirksworth Festival, Wirksworth
- Pareidolia, Pluspace, Coventry
- (detail), Transition Gallery, London
- Water Colour Revolution, Saatchi Gallery, London
- The Summer Lodge, Bonington Gallery, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham
- (detail), H Project Space, Bangkok, Thailand
- About Painting, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester
- Paint Like You Mean It, Interview Room 11, Edinburgh
- RCA Secret, Royal College of Art Battersea, Dyson Building, London

- First Come First Served, Lion and Lamb Gallery, London
- Crash Open, Charlie Dutton Gallery, London
- Stereoscope, Mrs Rick’s Cupboard, Primary, Nottingham (Solo)
- Rotation, New Court Gallery, Repton, Derby (Solo)
- Discernible, Zeitgeist Art Projects, ASC Project Space, London
- Needle’s Eye, New Court Gallery, Repton, Derbyshire

- Flatland, Blyth Gallery, Imperial College London curated research project
- Needle’s Eye, BayArt Gallery, Cardiff
- Dangerous Curves Ahead, Bermondsey Project Space, London
- Equinox, Transition Gallery, London
- Needle’s Eye, Transition Gallery, London

- Contemporary Perspectives on Water Colour, Mall Galleries, London
- Drawn Together, Jeannie Avent Gallery, London

- Melt, Mile End Art Pavilion, London
- Rhizomatic, The Departure Gallery, London
- Pistols and Pollinators, Accident and Emergence, London

- Fault Line, The Nunnery, London
- Skyscrapers under the Sea, Madame Lillies, London
- Drawing(s) with Dolphins, Crimes Town Gallery, London

- John Moores 25, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

New Art Exchange
Member, Board of Trustees
Kimberley Bell
Resident Cook & Food Consultant CANTEEN
Resident Artist STUDIO A2

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