Line Nilsen

Resident Artist

Line is an experienced designer and creative talent, originally from Norway, now based in Nottingham. Line enjoys making beautiful fabrics for fashion and interiors.
Line first moved to England in 2006 to study at Farnham University for the Creative Arts. This is where she discovered her passion for weaving. After her time spent studying in Farnham, Line moved to London, which is where she began her career as a textile designer and worked for renowned textile companies with a worldwide customer base. Her international career enables her to draw on a wealth of experience in both fashion and interiors, to produce unique, quality, statement work.

Line is fascinated with artisanal processes, and her work shows a dedication to the art, using techniques that require patience and precision. This approach allows her to create textiles which channel her passion for hand-crafted perfection. Her work is versatile and used in fashion, interiors, accessories and home furnishings.

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Resident Artist
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