Line Nilsen

Resident Artist

‘I thrive in a creative setting where ideas become realised; I appreciate the time, effort and skill that goes in to the production of quality goods. My mission is to create hand woven textiles, where design and function are both considered carefully for the best possible result. The loom is my canvas where I transforms yarn in to beautiful fabrics for the world of both fashion and interiors.’

Line is a Norwegian designer-maker, who specialises in woven textiles. Line has spent the past 5 years working as a textile designer for renowned textile editors, with a worldwide customer base. Her strong background in men’s tailoring, as well as excellent experience working in a high paced fashion environment, enables me to create textiles for a wide audience.

Line makes beautiful fabrics for both fashion and interiors, using my skills and attention to detail to create a high quality product. Always keen to push boundaries and continuously strive to further how we see and use textiles.

Line’s work is innovative whilst carrying strong ties to the traditions of textiles. Craftsmanship combined with the right amount of contemporary sophistication – the result; desirable luxury textiles for individuals with a mutual passion for bespoke quality goods.

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Resident Artist
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