Lauren O’Grady, 2012.

Lauren O’Grady

Resident Artist
Studio B5

Borrowing from languages already established in cinematography, model making, folklore, history, science fiction, modern sculpture, architecture, landscape painting and museology, Lauren O’Grady fabricates scenarios and artefacts.
They are familiar to the point of unfamiliarity, imagery compiled and accumulated from memory. Capturing a moment in object form, future relics of past events, commenting on the collector and the collected.

Lauren navigates a world of contradictions, weaving narratives, implying unusual or phenomenological events. Trying to understand her own aspirations and limitations by looking at shared experiences, fears and concerns: social, economic, environmental and political. Creating varying plains and facets of reality and fiction.

Consciously modeling without an image or reference, she wants the models to be fictionalised and idealised representations of the real thing not faithful copies.
Making sculpture in an attempt to physically capture and collect something: a vision, a spectacle, a sentiment, an impression.

Lauren thinks of herself as an explorer, a somewhat fearful one. Drawing parallels between expeditions and the way in which she approaches making work. Putting everything she has into achieving something that can often seem unachievable.

2012 – MA Fine Art – Pass with distinction, Nottingham Trent University

Group Exhibitions

Nottingham Castle Open – Sept/Oct 2012

World Event Young Artist:
Selected to show in Paul Smith’s flag ship store – Sept 2012

CUBEOpen, CUBE Gallery Manchester – Dec 2011

Flout, Axis Arts Centre Crewe – Sept 2011

This Impossibly Conjured World, Glove Box Bristol – Apr 2011

Pile, Chapter Cardiff – Feb 2011

New Art Exchange
Member, Board of Trustees
Kimberley Bell
Resident Cook & Food Consultant CANTEEN
Resident Artist STUDIO A2

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