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Ines Garcia studioed BA in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, and during her academic career she received a scholarship to study abroad in Bali for one year. When she graduated, Garcia decided to pursue her career participating in workshops taught by Abbas Kiarostami, Víctor Erice, Gabriel Orozco, and Wilfredo Prieto.
Nationwide, she has taken part in several exhibitions in Barcelona, Madrid (Espacio Trapezio y Matadero), and Bilbao (BilbaoArte, Espacio Abisal, and Sala Rekalde). Her videos have been showed in CA2M, La Conservera in Murcia, the LOOP, and in the SCREEN Festival in Barcelona, among other places.
At an international level, her audiovisual pieces have been exhibited in various festivals, such as in Festival de Videoarte Latino in New York, the Film Festival in Teheran, and in FIVA Buenos Aires. Other cities where her work has been showed are Berlin, Athens, Paris, Montreal and Nottingham. Over the last few years, she has exhibited her work in Les Recontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, in Tabakalera, and in the Instituto Cervantes in Lisboa.
In 2017, she has been selected again for the X Edición del Premio de Videoarte in Astillero, and she has been awarded a scholarship by Fundación BilbaoArte in order to develop her project Winterreise which has been completed by her first big solo show: WINTERREISE in February 2018.

My art practice is about movement, time and the precarious edge between objective reality and poetic reality. In my recent work I am especially interested in the creation of transit times that do not refer to an external world; a mental representation that precisely removes the borders between the real and the unreal in order to cause an unsettling ambiguity, a slippage between sleeping and awakening.

I consider the image in motion as a temple, I propose an anti-time reading, in the sense of capitalism consumption of time, I bring out a journey to the essence of the image. I rest, I look and listen, I raise the capacity of attention nearly to the abstract.

In a more concrete way I am particularly interested in the way to build the space in the screen, in the shapes and volumes, the physical space, but my ultimate intention is to create a mental space. A simplified space, reduced to the basics of horizontality and verticality. I am specifically interested in the relationship between the machine-like and the living, the interior and the exterior, smoothness and strength, in a process of internal resonance or expanded communication.

The aim is to transform the translational movement in movement of expression, in order to mutate the concept of arrival towards a progressive denial of the interval time.
The main focus of my research evolves around the idea of how to think time in its fleeting and shimmering evanescence, the use of the video as the record of a brief and transitory moment in space and time.
- Grant for artistic production BILBAOARTE FOUNDATION, Bilbao
- Residency Kolin Kulttuuriseura, Finland
- Seminar Doc’s Kingdom, Arcos de Valdevez, Portugal
- Workshop “Film and Process 16mm film” with Luis Macías, Cráter-Lab, Barcelona.
- Seminar TERRITORIOS Y FRONTERAS’17, BilbaoArte, Bilbao

- Seminar TERRITORIOS Y FRONTERAS’16, BilbaoArte, Bilbao

- Workshop“Filmando en Barcelona con Abbas Kiarostami”, Barcelona
- Workshop“Documentary and fiction an approach to the dual nature of the cinema”, with Víctor Erice,Tabakalera, San Sebastián
- Workshop “Cinematographic writing with Paulino Viota”, BilbaoArte, Bilbao

- Workshop with Gabriel Orozco, La Habana
- Residency Joya+Arte y Ecología, Cortijada de los Gázquez, Almería
- Workshop with Wilfredo Prieto, Fundación NMAC, Cádiz
- Seminar NOVO CINEMA GALEGO, BilbaoArte, Bilbao

- Curator’s Network, Matadero, Madrid
- I Encontro de Artistas Novos en la Cidade de la Cultura, Galicia
- Residency SIM, SIM Gallery Berlin

- Seminar Landscape and Heritage, CDAN, Huesca

- Dharmasiswa’08 Scholarship, Art Institut of Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

2003- 2009
- Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona, Barcelona

- Traditional Balinese Art, Art Institut of Denpasar, Bali

- Architecture, University of San Sebastián

- Apertura WINTERREISE, Kolin Kulttuuriseura, Finland

- Adieu Je T’aime a film by Inés García, Sunday Morning Studio, Bilbao

- MrMOV Festival, Casttle of Brescia, Brescia (IT)
- ECOS#13, Sala Rekalde, Bilbao (ES)
- X Astillero Video Contest, Santander (ES)
- Puertas Abiertas Verano, BilbaoArte, Bilbao (ES)

- OBLICUA, Videoart & Experimental Film Festival, Instituto Cervantes, Lisboa
- Videoart & Experimental Film Festival, Fábrica Braço de Prata, Lisboa
- MIRADOCS, Casa Elizalde, Barcelona

- 33 Fahr Film Festival, Teheran
- Digital FIlm Festival, Athens
- TABAKALERA, San Sebastián (ES)
- ECOS#1, Sala Rekalde, Bilbao (ES)
- Pantalla Fantasma, Bilbao (ES)
- VIII Astillero Video Contest, Santander (ES) HONORARY MENTION

- Les Rencontres Internationales, Paris/Berlin/Madrid:
· La Gaité Lyrique / Palais de Tokyo, Paris
· Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
- FIVA International Videoart Festival, MAC Museum of Contemporary Art of Santa Fe (AR)
- The Winnipeg Underground Film Festival, Frame Arts Warehouse, Winnipeg, Canada.
- AIVA Videoart Festival, Finspång, Sweden
- AVAF Athens Video Art Festival, Athens

- InMediterranium Open Proyector, University of Madrid, Madrid
- FIVA International Videoart Festival, National Library, Buenos Aires
- PROYECTOR’13, La Neomudéjar Gallery, Madrid
- Wege Ums Kino, Spanish artists in Berlin, gatCube, Berlin
- Region 0 II Latino Videoart Festival of New York,
· University King Carlos, New York
· MARCO Museum of Contemporary Art of Vigo, (ES)
- 143 Deliciass Video Art Festival, CA2M, Madrid
- LIVING VIDEO, Demolden Video Project, Santander (ES)
- Copyleft, copytheft, droits laissés, droits volés, Rats9 Gallery, Montréal (CA)
- Ertibil’13:
· Sala Rekalde, Bilbao (ES)
· Centro Cultural Montehermoso, Vitoria(ES)
- ADIEU, JE T’AIME a film by Inés García, Sunday Morning Studio, Bilbao (ES)
- XLIV Certamen de Arte Nacional de Luarca, Luarca (ES)

- SOCIAL STUDIES, Andrea Blum, La Conservera Contemporary Art Center, Murcia (ES)
- Odi et Amo, BilbaoArte, Bilbao (ES)
- Autoeditados, La Alhóndiga, Bilbao (ES)
- SCREEN Festival, Antiga Fábrica Moritz, Barcelona (ES)
- Los Libros Mutantes Fair, La Casa Encendida, Madrid
- VideoBites – The Everything Else, Projektraum ARTACKER, Berlin
- The Secret Cabinet, Berlin
- SOLOVIDEO, Espacio Trapezio, Madrid

- Die traüme, Espacio Abisal, Bilbao (ES)

- A títol propi, CCSA, Barcelona
- Los jóvenes infelices, European Regeneration Areas Network, Brussels
- Loop´09 VideoArt Festival. Barcelona (ES)






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