Emily Sherwood

Office Manager

Emily is a playwright, dramaturg, and reviewer with a background in event co-ordination and administration. She’s freelanced as an acting agency assistant, theatre producer, and film distribution co-ordinator. Originally from Derby, she studied at the University of Exeter and spent nearly nine years living in Devon before returning home to the East Midlands.

As a playwright, she’s worked with companies and collectives including Poetical Machines (ADA, 2019), Encompass Productions (STASIS, 2015), In Good Company (STORY SCAVENGERS, 2014), Act 2 (STASIS, 2014), and New Model Theatre (APRIL, 2012-2013). She writes as Emily Holyoake.

New Art Exchange
Member, Board of Trustees
Kimberley Bell
Resident Cook & Food Consultant CANTEEN
Resident Artist STUDIO A2

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