Brendan Oliver

Resident Artist

Brendan Oliver is an interaction designer / creative coder practising for over 17 years. His work centres around creating playful experiences with digital tools that place the viewer at the heart of the work, often where the work doesn’t exist without interaction.

After graduating with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Product Design, and having his SnoBike concept patented, Brendan moved into Web Design in 2001. Using technology as a creative tool he has continued to design and develop websites since then. Brendan takes a agnostic approach to technology, selecting technologies as the most appropriate tool for the task and learning continuously along the way.

He combines interactive technologies that connect the physical world with the digital space and online communities to create artwork for installations, big screens in public spaces, online and data visualisations to engage with audiences.

Brendan also works with clients in the creative sector designing and developing websites with customised Content Management Systems.




New Art Exchange
Member, Board of Trustees
Kimberley Bell
Resident Cook & Food Consultant CANTEEN
Resident Artist STUDIO A2

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