Image: Beth Kettel. Post-Point, and/or, The Sequential Tangential Potential. Video. The Telfer Gallery. Glasgow. 2015

Beth Kettel

Resident Artist

Beth Kettel tends to work with text, performance, installation, costume and video. Kettel tends to her mixed feelings and interest in the flexibility, polysemy and obscurity of language, gesture and objects. Kettel has a tendency towards how disparate ideas can coexist, be articulated and presented.

Selected exhibitions, performances, residencies: 

Solo Exhibitions:

2015 Post-Point, and/or, The Sequential Tangential Potential, Solo Exhibition, The Telfer Gallery, Glasgow


2015 GOOCH, Sluice Art Fair, OXO Towers, London
So Far, So Good, Eastside Projects, Birmingham
 2014 All the best, 6th best, Beth, TOAST, Federation House, Manchester
The Living Conditions of Ideas, or The Conjunction of Things, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire


2015 The Writing Room, HUTT gallery//Summer Lodge, Nottingham
Crosss-Pollintation Practice, AltMFA, Guest Projects, London
 2014 Play Harder II, MUTO, Manchester
Six-week residency, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire


Post Point or the sequential tangential potential.


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Resident Artist
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