Image: Beth Kettel. Post-Point, and/or, The Sequential Tangential Potential. Video. The Telfer Gallery. Glasgow. 2015

Beth Kettel

Resident Artist

Beth Kettel tends to work with text, performance, installation, costume and video. Kettel tends to her mixed feelings and interest in the flexibility, polysemy and obscurity of language, gesture and objects. Kettel has a tendency towards how disparate ideas can coexist, be articulated and presented.

Solo exhibitions
A Bang, A Bomb, A Lie And A Band That Stands For Something Else,
Video commission for Art and Screen Network, ICA, London, in partnership with Phoenix, Leicester

The Mist of a Pessimist, Zabludowicz Collection: Invites, London

- Viscoelastic Muted Contempt [soft applause], Eastside Projects, Birmingham
- ||,I, Two Queens, Leicester
- Blend Blend, or, The Caretaker and other Detritus, HUTT, Nottingham

Post-Point and/or The Sequential Tangential Potential, The Telfer Gallery, Glasgow

Selected exhibitions & performances
- Muscular Notions, Curated by Joseph Bond, Cob Gallery, London
- MANTEL, curated by CACTUS hosted by Copperfield Gallery, London

- The Mist of a Pessimist performance, Zabludowicz Collection: Invites, Zabludowicz Collection, London
- CCTV17, Caustic Coastal, Manchester live streamed by This Is Tomorrow

- Millington | Marriott & Friends Fre$hCo – Joelio, group show, Tatjana Pieters Gallery Toilet, Ghent, Belgium
- Viscoelastic Muted Contempt [soft applause], performance, Eastside Projects, Birmingham
- Jerwood Staging Series, Jerwood Space, London
- Losers Gym, Auction, Backlit, Nottingham
- Sorry About Last Night, curated by (It’s All) Tropical, Art Sheffield 2016, The Washington, Sheffield
- Trace Programme, curated by Ruth Angel Edwards & Aspirational Living, Flo Skatepark, Nottingham
- In the Paravent, Harley Gallery, Welbeck

- I Am Gallery, Monty Renshaw’s Facebook
- Cascading Relevant Information, CBS, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool
- Gooch, Performance, Sluice Art Fair, OXO Towers, London
- Deep Minekraft ft. Simon Raven, Bruce Asbestos, Tom Coogan, National Videogame Arcade
- Post-Point, Performance, Wasps, Glasgow

- The Living Conditions of Ideas, or The Conjunction of Things, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire
- All the best, 6th best, Beth, TOAST, Manchester

- Whoever Wants It, Backlit, Nottingham
- Baloney’s On My Back, or Simply, The Irreducible Potential of Things, Surface Gallery, Nottingham

- Research residency, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Malmo, Sweden
- 1-month residency, Non-Space, Aarhus, Denmark

- Production Residency, Eastside Projects, Birmingham
- August Instagram Takeover, East Bristol Contemporary @eastbristolcontemporary
- Master Class, Zabludowicz Collection, London

- Jamboree, LOW PROFILE, Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth
- THE WRITING ROOM, Residency, HUTT // Summer Lodge, Nottingham
- Cross-Pollination Practice, AltMFA, Guest Projects, London
- Play Harder II, one-month paid residency, MUTO, Manchester

- 6 week residency, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire
- Cpages, Federation House, Manchester / Stryx, Birmingham

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Resident Artist STUDIO A2
Rebecca Lee
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