Primary Artist Resident Rachel Jacobs Future Machine sits on a hand cart ready for the journey, travels the country and plugs into a greater whole of many parts. It stands as a witness to the places, people, stories and events of these turbulent times, as the Earth changes, and we take a journey into an uncertain future.⁣
⁣You are invited to join the Future Machine on it’s first procession around Finsbury Park on Saturday 12 October, beginning at Furtherfield Gallery at 3.00pm. Then the Future Machine will be.welcomed at various stops on the way by local groups who promise to care for the future, it ends its journey at 6pm with a party to welcome the Autumn in at Furtherfield Commons Garden.⁣
⁣Future Machine Procession Stops:⁣
⁣3pm Furtherfield Gallery⁣
⁣3.30pm Parklands Walk Gate ⁣
⁣4pm Pedal Power, Athletics Track⁣
⁣4.30pm Edible Landscapes, near Manor House⁣
⁣5pm Green Lanes Gate⁣
⁣5.30pm Drumming School, Finsbury Park Station Gate⁣
⁣6pm Furtherfield Commons Garden for food⁣
⁣Future Machine has been created by Rachel Jacobs in collaboration with Juliet Robson, Wallace Heim, Frank Abbott, Alex Dayo, Ian Jones, Robin Shackford, Matt Little, Matthew Gates, Dominic Price, Furtherfield Gallery, researchers from the University of Nottingham, Dr John King from the British Antarctic Survey and all the participants in the ‘Building a Future Machine’ workshops.⁣
⁣After touring to other places across England, the Future Machine will return to Finsbury Park in October in 2020 and 2021, as the future comes.⁣
⁣Featured image: credit to Rachel Jacobs⁣

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