Expanded Studio Project

The Expanded Studio Project is a 6 month collaborative initiative between artists based in Belfast and resident artists at Primary. The aim of the project is to develop external relationships, exchange ideas and explore different modes of collaboration.

Exhibition of collaborative outcomes: Belfast
Opening: Thursday 22 August, 6-8pm
Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 12-5pm

A showcase of peer outcomes created through collective ideas, conversations and self-directed activities.

Symposium: Nottingham
Saturday 28 September, 12-5pm

A symposium at Primary where the full group of artists will reconvene to discuss the project, its challenges and possible further development.

The Expanded Studio Project is based on a 2014-15 pilot which ran between Primary and Wysing Arts Centre (Cambridge), where artists engaged in a period of dialogue and exchange over a four-month period. The challenge this time was to initiate and sustain collaboration across further geographical distance between England and Northern Ireland, and across several different artists’ studios, including QSS (Queen St Studios), FLAX Studios, Array Studios, Creative Exchange Artists Studios, Platform Arts, and Pollen Studios.

Through planned visits, and continued conversations and emails, artists began ‘partnering up’ or discussing ways that they could come together in groups to find a way to work collaboratively through continued communication, and to find the means to respond to each others ideas.
Participating artists based in Belfast:
Alex Brunt; Barry Mulholland; Hannah McBride; Declan Proctor; Esther O’Kelly; Zara Lyness; Gerard Carson; Sinéad Bhreathnach-Cashell; Robin Price; Jackie Wylie; Thomas Wells; Heather Dornan Wilson; Sinead McKeever; Grace McMurray

Participating artists based in Nottingham:
Chris Lewis-Jones; Roger Suckling; Rebecca Gamble; Bruce Asbestos; Christine Stevens; Georgina Barney; Ines Garcia, Louisa Chambers; Marek Tobolewski; Mik Godley; Pete Ellis; Rhiannon Jones; Nadim Chaudry; Sarah Tut; Paul Webber


The Expanded Studio Project was initiated by Jane Morrow (PS² Curator in Residence) and by resident artists at Primary. It is jointly co-ordinated by Deirdre Morrissey (Belfast) and Nastassja Simensky (Nottingham). It is supported by Arts Council England and Belfast City Council.

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