Expanded Studio Project – Symposium
Saturday 28 September, 12-5pm

The Expanded Studio Project is a 6 month collaborative initiative between artists based in Belfast and resident artists at Primary. The aim of the project is to develop external relationships, exchange ideas and explore different modes of collaboration.

On Saturday 28 September, 12-5pm, the full group of artists will reconvene at Primary to discuss the project, its challenges, and possible further development.

This event is free and open to the public, and anyone interested in learning more about the Expanded Studio Project is welcome to attend. A light lunch will be provided. Please register your attendance here.

Discussion points during the symposium may include:

  • How do Belfast and Nottingham differ as places to work/live as artists?
  • How do our cities, as cities of culture, continue to support individual artists, studios and the sector?
  • How might divergent media/approaches find commonalities?
  • How do both Belfast and Midlands-based artists feel about working together and further afield after Brexit?
  • Why do artists travel? How do we navigate the ‘luxury’ of being able to travel freely? And why is it important to have a wide network and collaborate nationally and internationally?
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