Roy Claire Potter: An evening out at Primary with Roy Claire Potter and Kieron Piercy, and their special, special guests
Wednesday 31 July, 7pm

Part of the Work in Common Summer Residencies, 1 – 31 July 2019.

An evening of screenings, readings, and performances framed by modes of improvisation, lying, and theatre.

Free to attend and everyone is welcome.

Note that there will be film scenes depicting domestic violence and live mild nudity during the event.

About the artist

Influenced by linguistics and performance theory, Roy Claire Potter works across performance, publication, installation, and film to address received forms and modes of reading, writing, and speaking in order to rethink what it means to articulate. Their work centres on the temporarilities of traumatic experience and maintains a political focus on social and gendered violence, dialect and adolescence. While at Primary, Potter will begin a new body of work by thinking about deception, perversion, and the history and techniques of Method acting in its mutable relationship to a script.

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