Recognising ‘play’ as a space where theory and practice become one and the same, athlete and artist Beth Kettel debuts a new performance activating community space in the heart of Walthamstow as part of Art Night.

Drawing from collaborations with local clubs (including an all voice choir and local basketball team) Kettel reimagines the Multi Use Games Area as an arena for meaning and trouble making. Via the energy of match day, the passion of supporters clubs, and the global languages of sport and music, Baseline Drift weaves the four components of gameplay – Challenge, Chance, Vertigo and Simulation – to set rules for the work as it unfolds.

Art Night 2019 is curated by Helen Nisbet and takes place in Walthamstow and King’s Cross on 22 June with a small selection of projects open for the Family Trail on 23 June.

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