Social Practice Social: A Restless Art
Tuesday 4 June, 6-8pm

A monthly discussion forum for artists, programmers, community organisers, activists, and others working with participation, collaboration, public space, or social change. Free and open to all.

This month we’ll be joined by François Matarasso who will share themes and ideas from his recently published book ‘A Restless Art’. Join us to hear about the book and for a Q&A and discussion with François.

“A Restless Art is about community and participatory art. It’s about what those practices are, how people think about them, why they’re done and what happens as a result. It’s called ‘a restless art’ because this work is unstable, changing and contested. It involves a range of ideas and practices. It crackles with artistic, political, ethical and philosophical tensions that give participatory art life, energy and creativity. They are what make it matter in people’s lives.”

Suggested reading for the session:

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