Lentonness | April – September 2019
On display at the Savoy Cinema, Derby Road, NG7 1QN

In 2018, as part of Making Place, Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad ran workshops with Lenton residents, sharing stories, images, and myths about the local area. Through this process the group distilled a question to ask the wider public in the area: “What is Lentonness?”

The responses gathered so far feature in a new public artwork taking the form of an LED sign, displayed on the side of the Savoy Cinema.  The different definitions give a rich picture of the many things that Lenton means to local people – from long-term residents, elders and children, to new communities and students – at a time when the neighbourhood has undergone significant changes. They offer snapshots of place, memories, humour, poetry, loss and hope.

The artwork will be on display for six months, and during this time there will be the opportunity for new contributions to be added.

If you’d like to submit your own response to the question “What is Lentonness?”, please use the form below.

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Lentonness is…

Living between tramlines, a canal and parks

Being a rocker and a member of the White Hart Bikers and Aces club

Being an international student

Diversity and discovery

Knowing that being in transit is OK!

Being strong in your roots but open to change

Like a jacket potato, warm and with many fillings

Being a 4th generation Indian

Building your own sound system and dancing at Marcus Garvey

Eating at Tommy’s

Having a lie down and thinking about it

Loving Lenton together

Going to Cottesmore School

Volunteering at the Crocus Café

Back to back factories and the Raleigh spirit

Loving the local shops around us

Being a friend of the flats

Climbing all the way along the black park railings without touching the ground

Political meetings and surprise parties


Being a well-humoured dog-walker

Riding the lifts up and down the flats for fun

Understanding ‘wha worrit thingy said’

Being the first Asian pupil at Cottesmore School

Wearing your Sunday best

Playing dominoes on a Monday

Loving a cuddle

Going to Edna G and drawing all day

Stubbornly not giving up on our community

Finding the unexpected

Fritters at Skills fish and chip shop

Loving the parks and plants in Lenton

Not exclusive

Writing poetry on napkins

Having your first kiss in the garages

Swimming in the Lenton Centre

Knowing what the 50p church is

A good disease you catch by living or working in Lenton

Shaped by changing housing policies

The shock of losing your home and the surreal feeling of being back

Catching a film at the Savoy on a Saturday

That portrait of Oliver Cromwell, warts and all

A sea of new strangers every September

Taking the Leen walk at dusk

Parallel communities of students and long term residents

Living on a boathouse

Putting up with student parties on a Wednesday

Your neighbour knowing how to fix your stained glass window

Loving Lenton just the way it is

Our initials engraved on the wall

Lenton Sands

Conker fights

Keeping warm in the Wash House and jumping on the coloured squares on the floor

Having your first cigarette in the garages, choking and never smoking again

Jumping over walls between the avenues, finding your own cut-throughs

A sea of people coming out of Raleigh at 4.30 every day

Scrumping apples from the Park Estate

Keeping money for the church collection and spending it on sweets instead

Finding family and community

Coming home

Chatting to Mabel at This’N’That

Getting ‘Soft & Free’ hair lotion and free lollipops

The view from the flats and freezing in winter

Chasing each other at night after steel band gigs


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