Primary Resident Artist Mik Godley is featured and interviewed in the new art “e-zine” CrierCrowd along with a very diverse range of artists responding to ideas of Lebensraum and memory. Mik’s work is also currently included in the exhibition at Sheffield gallery Sidney + Matilda and has been reviewed as part of the Flat + Earth exhibition by Corridor8.

Within the feature, Mik states that “We now exist in a “mixed reality”. Even people on pretty low incomes have smartphones and I’ve been fascinated, in a very practical sense, by how we perceive our evolving — having looked at this for 15 years now — digital ways of seeing, learning and experiencing. As someone who has spent 30 years teaching life-drawing the nuts and bolts of perception, how we see, is at my core, so I was intrigued to think about digital looking. I use several Google products because the project “Considering Silesia” has been primarily an Internet investigation and Google offers so much for free. Reams of Polish and German are translated through Google. Accessibility is important, both in terms of cost to myself, but also in allowing people to understand. The seductive digital images with their not-quite-right colours, distortions, glitches, especially in the early days, clearly showed their digital properties. I did once have to tell a grumbling couple at an exhibition “No, they’re not landscapes — they’re paintings of jpegs”.


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