Exhibition Tour
Saturday 9 February, 11am-12noon

Join our curators Rebecca Beinart and Niki Russell for a special tour of Emma Smith’s sound installation, 5Hz, and Hardeep Pandhal’s video installation, Paranoid Picnic: The Phantom BAME.

Emma Smith’s 5Hz is a sound installation centred around the invention of a new singing language designed to strengthen social connections. Visitors to the exhibition can learn the language and begin using it within 15 minutes. For more information about 5Hzplease click here.

Hardeep Pandhal’s Paranoid Picnic: The Phantom BAME is a video installation which confronts post-colonial traumas with testing humour, presented across both Primary and New Art Exchange. The installation at Primary samples scenes from the BBC miniseries Cranford (2007). For more information about Paranoid Picnic: The Phantom BAMEplease click here.

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