Emma Smith: In Conversation
Thursday 6 December, 6-8pm

Join Emma Smith for an introduction to the 5Hz exhibition and language, and find out more about the research behind the project.

5Hz is a sound installation centred around the invention of a new singing language designed to strengthen social connections. Developed following a year-long research process examining psychological and neurological responses to the human voice, the 5Hz language comprises a set of sounds that aim to transcend language barriers. Visitors to the exhibition can learn the language and begin using it within 15 minutes.

For more information about the 5Hz exhibition, and the 5Hz & Euphonia Tour, please click here.

Emma Smith: 5Hz & Euphonia Tour is a partnership between HOME (Manchester), Primary (Nottingham), and Wysing Arts Centre (Cambridgeshire), supported through the Arts Council England Strategic Touring Fund.

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