PaperWork Issue 3: iilwimi lipsing
Friday, 2 November 2018, 6-9pm

A night of art writing: performance, soundings and screening by artists Chloe Chignell, DJ Lynnée Denise, Harry Josephine Giles and Himali Singh Soin with PaperWork Magazine.

I like how it sounds a bit like wimmin. Wimmin-ing. It’s queer and i and i, like we. It’s lots. Very plural-y. And very very and so. Sounds like lips and ellipses and singing and kissing and something about size, like a thing that is small and growing. It’s funny how ppl get upset from internet comments about bad lipsing. Lipsing is verby it’s doing. It’s now. It’s painting the chin and cheeks so the lips stand out. It’s a tongue in another mouth. To go inside your body. The i’s are quite wavy i and i and i and i and i and i. It’s slow then it’s fast. I’m thinking about the shapes the sound makes my mouth. what words do with me. ii is air muscled out. When did I suck that air iin even? iilwimi lipsing is nice to say softly against the hand. Rushy.

PaperWork is a sometimes-annual art writing magazine and event series. We invite writing for performance and writing for page; or writing for a group together at a gallery or writing for a person browsing the magazine in a bookshop or reading in bed. We give each element (print and event) its own space, so the magazine is not a document and the events are not launches.

PaperWork: iilwimi lipsing is about a politics of not-translating and listening with a feminist ear which can also be an eye, skin or fist.

PaperWork is organised and edited by Jessa Mockridge and Catherine Smiles, with additional support from Daphne de Sonneville. We offer editorial support by and for artists who write as part of their practice and we host reading groups alongside each issue.

For the reading group we will spend time on the theme: iilwimi lipsing. We’ll read, listen and speak about art, writing and poetry together thinking about a feminist ear. There is no reading you need to do before the meeting. You are very welcome to come to group if you weren’t able to make PaperWork event.

Chloe Chignell is a Choreographer living in Brussels. She works across body and text making performances, publications and workshops. She is currently working on a choreographic performance POEM…as if leaking and has just released the sixth edition of THIS CONTAINER magazine. []

DJ Lynnée Denise is a scholar and artist born and based in Los Angeles, California. She was developed as an independent music scholar by her parents record collection.

Harry Josephine Giles is a writer and performer from Orkney who lives in Leith; their first collection is Tonguit (2016).

Himali is a writer and performance artist based between London and Delhi. She is currently working on a book of fictional mythologies from the poles, titled we are opposite like that.

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