Corn for Thought
Meet TAMOA: Advocating for consumption to preserve Mexico’s corn heritage
Saturday 3 November, 2–4pm 

Join us for a presentation and conversation with Sofia Casarin and Francisco Musi who will share stories from TAMOA, a project that works directly with heritage corn-growing communities in Mexico. TAMOA connects farm workers that hold surplus production of heirloom corn crops, with restaurants in Mexico and abroad. For more than 7,000 years heritage corn has been inherited from generation to generation and has been the livelihood of millions of Mexicans. Its oldest fossil was found in the Valley of Tehuacán, and today there are 60 landrace corn varieties with unique attributes that are the foundation of Mexican cuisine. Sofia and Francisco will also offer a demonstration of “Nixtamal”, an ancient process through which tortillas are made.

This event is a collaboration with Small Food Bakery and the V&A’s Culture in Crisis programme. TAMOA will also be presenting at the UK Grain Lab, 4-5 November. 

Part of the Making Place: Food & Growing season. Our autumn season focuses on food and growing, looking at the connections between local food production, food justice, sustainability and global politics – through shared meals, a book launch, and a project with a local allotment association.


Francisco Musi Torregrosa is a Mexican restaurateur and entrepreneur. For more than fifteen years he has developed a career in the Mexican food industry. Today Francisco is an advocate for the promotion and consumption of heirloom Mexican products, as a means to preserve Mexico’s bio-cultural heritage, and support farmer self-sufficiency and food sovereignty. He recently co-founded TAMOA, a company dedicated to the responsible trade of Mexican heritage corn. He worked for ten years at Mexico City’s taco restaurant group El Farolito. He has advised, worked and co-founded different concepts of Mexican restaurants in the United States, Spain and the United Kingdom. Francisco is a graduate from Ibero-American University in Mexico City with a degree in International Business.

Sofía Casarin is an independent curator and art historian born in Mexico City. She holds an MA in Arts and Politics from Goldsmiths University of London, and a double BA in Art History and International Relations from Florida International University. She recently co-founded TAMOA, a project that works towards the advocacy and preservation of heritage Mexican corn through a responsible trade program. Among her recent projects and initiatives; she is the co-founder and co-director of Ruta del Castor, a non-profit organization dedicated to commission public art projects in Mexico and Latin America. She is also co-editor of Disonare; a bilingual editorial project based in Mexico City.

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