Nathalie Wuerth, Clair the Ear score (2016)

Nathalie Wuerth: Closed for maintenance
Saturday 8 September, 5-7pm

Join us for an evening of vocal exercises and listening with Nathalie Wuerth and guests, performing collectively generated scores based on every-day practices of maintenance.

Exploring the soundscape of so called
white noise
both abstractly
and more concretely as the rhythms of reproductive labour.

Soundtracks of white noise, from vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, washing machines are uploaded on the internet and used as lullabies or background sound to relax or fall asleep to.

White noise is a complex sound. During her residency at Primary, Nathalie Wuerth will be looking for ways to perform it as a group, using notions of polyrythmic patterns and visual and spatial notations as guidelines.

Nathalie Wuerth is an artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her work is informed by performative practice and feminist discourse. 

In Wuerths work, the voice is used as a material to measure space and to relate to ones self and the surroundings, both social and material. Testing the limits of the body and it’s languages, from pre-verbal states of language to citational practice, the voice tries to occupy an other, that of a vacuum cleaner and of a series of insects, to that of a mythological figure such as Medusa. Lately involved in the feminist movement around Wages for Housework, the voice has been used to map housework in private homes and perform it collectively as a choir.

Wuerth  has previously presented the work Clair the ear – a domestic choir at Konsthall C (2016), the solo performances AspIre at Norrtalje konsthall (2016) and Mmm at Marabouparken (2017), as well as published a poster Day-to-day in the magazine Bang (2017) and participated in group shows at the Index Foundation (2018) in Sweden, at Spectrum (2016) and Acud macht neu (2018) Germany and PAB (2016) Norway.

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