Mélange De Fruits

PREVIEW: 13 July, 6pm-9pm, with a performance by Pervert Wasp at 6.30pm
EXHIBITION: 14 – 25 July, Fridays and Saturdays, 12-6pm (or by appointment)

Mélange De Fruits is a collective of eight artists engaging with identity, memory, deconstruction and the human experience.

This is the end of year show by first year and part time MFA students at Nottingham Trent University who are based in the studio at Primary. The exhibition is a continuation of dialogues and collaborative practice following their Aftermath project at Nottingham Contemporary earlier this year, and will be accompanied by a live performance from experimental band Pervert Wasp.

Arit Emmanuela is concerned with ideas of assimilation and the narrative of death that follows it as she discusses the direct and indirect heritage that has shaped her life experience.

Szilvia Ponyiczki addresses painting as a means of translation, portraying the messages of the unexplored world of the oneiric unconscious. Stemming from her enjoyment of finding beauty in familiar places and pockets of wilderness on our doorstep.

Jane Marie Williams seeks to explore her growing interest in the rhythms and patterns of nature that was inspired from her traveling through the Nottinghamshire landscape.

Rebecca Fletcher tackles the concept of letting go but at the same time getting closer to the parts of nature that we are losing.

Katharina Fitz highlights her interest in material culture by reflecting upon the relationships between people and objects; their making, history and interpretations in relation to our cultural backgrounds.

Lou Roberts uses her body to show an intimate image in attempt to break the taboos present in our society and to paint a raw portrait of a young mixed-race woman.

David Cantrill explores the integrity of representation by investigating attitudes towards the natural and artificial in a society dominated by two-dimensional imagery.

MJ The Art Traveller recreates sounds, music and sense of place.

Pervert Wasp is a faceless collaborative project manifested through an ongoing series of live performances. A constantly shifting line up of artists and musicians provides genre spanning diversity; breaking boundaries and traditions. Harnessing spontaneous improvisation and prepared compositions, Pervert Wasp seek intensity through both sublime and ridiculous experimentation.

For more information about the preview event, click here.

Mélange De Fruits is kindly supported by Nottingham Trent University.

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