I’m not my. My…..my injuries are healed now, but I still don’t remember things (Fledgling, Octavia. E. Butler, 2005), live soundscape in collaboration with Chris Boyd, Royal College of Art, London, UK ( 2018 ) _ Image credit: Ollie Harrop

Libita Clayton: Regurgitating research
Friday 24 August, 1-4pm

Libita Clayton will be working with text and sound, to mutate and transform fictitious and factual testimony into an experimental open dialogue. From the memory, from the archive, from the body underground, Clayton’s ongoing practice of research is momentarily expanded upon and surfaced during her short residency with Primary.

Clayton is currently on residency with Gasworks, London and is based at Spike Island Studios, Bristol. Her current area of research connects official and domestic archive mapping mining, colonialism, and exile in relation to diasporic migration, trauma and subterranean transformations.

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