Making it up: this moment of June
Saturday 9 June, 17:00pm – 18:00pm
Rebecca is presenting a new score commissioned by Radar.
Drawing on academic research from across the Social Sciences at Loughborough, Making it up: this moment of June, investigates forms and relations of listening that (re)produce and are (re)produced by personal and public places, thinking through non-musical, musical and technological listening. Rebecca has brought together an ensemble of Loughborough musicians to explore ways to trace boundaries of music, place and registers of listening. The public are invited to a recording session, when a recording of a new performance score will be captured. The audio recorded during that session will then play again in online and public spaces on our Loughborough Campus and in the town over the summer period. The score developed for the project will be published in autumn 2018.

Venue: Music Practice Room behind Cope Auditorium. See signs on the day.
This event is part of (re)composition, Radar’s main commissioning strand for 2017/18, which explores how music makes place and places make music. The project draws on the research of Dr Allan Watson in Loughborough University’s Department of Geography, and has expanded to engage with research across the Social Sciences. More information on (re)composition here.
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