The A/W Collection event at The Space, Nottingham Contemporary launches Bruce Asbestos’ very first clothing collection.

Based on Hansel & Gretel, a traditional folk story made popular by the Brothers Grimm the event will showcase new outrageous outfits, complicated characters and beautiful ready-to-wear clothes. The performative event will focus on the transformative nature of things in the story; houses can be made of food, birds can be used as boats and children can become murderers.

The collection features collaborations with Ruby Kirby, Alison Lloyd and students from Nottingham Trent University.

Bruce Asbestos uses​ digital and social media, popular culture, marketing and small-scale production to make artwork. An active internet presence is​ at the core of his practice: his online TV show, The Social Media Takeaway, use​s​ the quick-fix, low-brow, throw-away nature of YouTube as a platform to produce artworks and performances. More:

Bruce will be screening live from,

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