Primary resident artist Alison Lloyd will be joining Edgework for their first ever Instagram Takeover. Lloyd will post images live from Ronksley Moor, Derbyshire on Friday 4th May, then again from Ridgewalk Moor on Thursday 10th May.

Lloyds’ practice involves walking alone, for considerable distances, keeping off the paths, striding and ‘contouring’ through moorland and mountainous areas. She composes photographs of herself with the paraphernalia of hill walking; map, compass, rucksack and vacuum flask. These tools of walking are often captured around the margins of her photographs. Lloyd emphasises this solitary pursuit by using a cable release or timer to take the photographs of herself walking, or as she likes to name it, contouring. The walking usually centres around a stopping off points that she has navigated to with compass and map. This might be amongst moorland grasses, crouching within a peat hag or following the stream in one of the narrow cloughs in the Dark Peak, Derbyshire.

Alison is also a PhD Scholar at Loughborough University, School of Art. Her area of research is Walking, Women and Art.

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