Skillshare Special: A Library of Skills + Nottingham Fixers
Wednesday 15 November, 18.00–20.00

It’s a year since The Commoners’ Fair that kick-started the monthly Skillshare sessions at Primary. These sessions are an opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people, and continue conversations about ideas of ‘The Commons’ and how we can share resources in urban communities. Join us for a special session to reflect on what’s happened and plan for the future!

A Library of Skills

We’ll be working with designer Saria Digregorio to create a take-away skills library. Use collage, text and drawing to help design some beautiful take-away sheets that share the things we’ve learnt over previous sessions.

We’ll also be looking at ideas for a reading room at Primary and collectively planning the future programme.

Nottingham Fixers

Hole in your jumper? Broken jewellery? Smashed phone screen? Wobbly chair leg? Want to learn how fix your broken or damaged things? Come and meet the Nottingham Fixers; a band of community volunteers ready to help you learn to repair your broken households items. We want to ‘Share the Repair’ and involve you in the fix.  We believe that there are many items that can repaired rather than be replaced or thrown away and we want you to learn to fix items too.

Bring your broken things to our fun fixing event, and enjoy a cake and a drink!

We’re happy to help you learn how to repair, however we are not repair professionals and the event is a community self-repair space. Attending means that you take responsibility for your own item. Remember to back up your data on any devices brought in!

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