This exciting commission comes after a £3m redevelopment of The Museum of English Rural Life at the University of Reading where the MERL is exploring forms of ‘Intangible Heritage’ including stories, processes and conversations – that which can’t be so easily collected as the material “stuff” of the past.

The Museum of Contemporary Farming is a vehicle for exploring how farming may be represented today. As its Curator, Primary Member Georgina Barney will be working with artist and farmer Kate Genever to develop a unique iteration of this “impossible” idea. This will include a new body of work by Genever that explores the quality of ‘improvisation’ on her family farm, as found in a shepherd’s crook fashioned from an old javelin.

Supported by the Wellcome Trust and the Arts Council England, Georgina and Kate will be hosting events at Croft Farm in Lincolnshire, the MERL in Reading and also creating opportunities for other artists, farmers and the public to submit their ideas for the Museum.

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