CCA: Pot Luck at Saramago. Photo: Beatrice Infrano

Art, Public + The Commons: Lab

20–21 September 2017

As part of the Making Place programme, and ‘Here There and Everywhere’, Primary co-organised a four-day Lab with Maraa in Bangalore in June – Art in Public Space: A Critical Reimagining. This Lab explored the themes of imagination, inheritance, borders and boundaries in relation to art practice and its politics in the public realm, with collectives working across India. Discussions that emerged from the lab included analytical models to critically evaluate collective structures to introspect on what shapes the politics of our work, and how this determines where, how and with whom we choose to work; the need to search, listen and retell stories that are often repressed and forgotten; the role of artistic practice and process in a public space, constantly affected by several variables; tools and methods to work with diverse publics in a given geographical community. It allowed collectives to reflect and critique each others’ work, and also encouraged artist to think of potential collaborations within specific contexts and around artistic practices.

A second lab in September brings together Maraa (Bangalore), Forager Collective (Bangalore), ZK/U – Centre for Art & Urbanistics (Berlin), Idle Women (North West England), Public Works (London), Social Housing Arts Network (Manchester), Nina Edge (Liverpool), In Certain Places (Preston, TBC), CCA (Glasgow), Ian Nesbitt (Sheffield), alongside Nottingham-based Boseda Olawoye, Sam Metz, Jo Wheeler, Jagdish Patel, Primary and Anti Gallery.

The two-day lab will provide space for reflection and critical conversation for groups and artists working with public space, participation and social change. We will also share outcomes and questions from the first lab. The workshop will be followed by a one-day public symposium, to widen the conversation out to more people working in this area, and share ideas and practice through talks and workshops.


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This research activity is part of Here, There and Everywhere, an artistic collaboration between India and the UK, exploring contemporary art practices across these two different contexts, supported by funding from Arts Council England and British Council.

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