Making Place is a long-term programme focusing on learning from the city and use of public space. The project aims to explore the issues that shape the neighbourhood – working with artists, designers and local communities to map, re-imagine and influence the places where we live and work.

This programme critically engages with ideas and practices of city planning, regeneration, gentrification and ‘place-making’ and investigates three central themes: Inheritance - asking what to places inherit, and which histories are preserved; Imagination - who imagines the city? and Intervention - generating projects that interrupt, activate and re-imagine the neighbourhood, using play, art and design processes in public space.

A series of long-term projects invite local residents to work with artists and designers to share stories, and imagine futures – leading to new interventions and artworks. Alongside these projects, there’s an ongoing series of events – including walks, talks, and skillshares – that create a space for sharing knowledge and exploring themes of power, inequality, imagination and commons in the city.

During this first year of the programme, we worked with designer Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad and local residents in Lenton, exploring recent changes in the neighbourhood; developing projects with local youth groups; and running a programme of walks, talks and workshops.

Upcoming Events
Wednesday 29 May | Skillshare: Mindfulness

Tuesday 4 June | Social Practice Social

Saturday 29 & Sunday 30 June | Skillshare: Woodwork Weekender

Past Events

Tuesday 8 January | Social Practice Social
Wednesday 23 January | Skillshare: Cook Away The Winter Blues
Wednesday 20 February | Play With Colour Workshop
Wednesday 27 February | Tell Me Something I Don’t Know
Saturday 9 March | Found and Foraged Dye Workshop
Tuesday 2 April | Social Practice Social
Wednesday 3 April | Skillshare: Bug houses
Saturday 6 April | Lentonness Launch Event 
Wednesday 17 April | Tell Me Something I Don’t Know: Lenton Special
Tuesday 7 May | Social Practice Social

Saturday 25 May | Guided Walk of Lenton



Saturdays: 27 January, 3, 10 & 17 February | Public Art Workshops in Lenton

Wednesday 21 February | Skillshare: Infusions and Invisible Inks
Wednesday 28 February| Tell Me Something I Don’t Know
Tuesday 6 March | Arts & Place Regional Conversation
Wednesday 14 March | Skillshare: Balms and Bees
Saturday 17 March | Public Art Workshops in Lenton
Tuesday 3 April | Social Practice Social
Wednesday 18 April | Skillshare: Salad Days
Tuesday 8 May | Social Practice Social
Friday 11 May | Making Place Meal
Wednesday 23 May | Skillshare: Looping & Lip Reading
Tuesday 5 June | Social Practice Social
Wednesday 20 June | Skillshare: Naan breads & threads
22–30 June | Jagdish Patel, Asian Activism in Nottingham exhibition
Tuesday 3 July | Social Practice Social
Wednesday 18 July | Skillshare: Poetry & Probiotics Drinks
Saturday 11 August | Summer Activity Day
Wednesday 15 August | Skillshare: Woodwork
Tuesday 4 September | Social Practice Social: Maintenance
Tuesday 2 October | Social Practice Social: Voice
Wednesday 17 October | Skillshare: Print-making
Wednesday 24 October | Tell Me Something I Don’t Know
Tuesday 4 December | Social Practice Social

Wednesday 8 March | Skillshare: Seeds and Words
Wednesday 12 April  | Skillshare: Natural dyes and foraged food
Wednesday 10 May | Skillshare: Pasta and Knots
Wednesday 24 May | Environmental Improvisation: A Sonic Walkabout
Wednesday 14 June | Skillshare: Music making and bike maintenance
Wednesday 28 June | Tell Me Something I Don’t Know
Wednesday 23 August | Tell Me Something I Don’t Know
Wednesday 13 September | Monthly Skillshare
Thursday 14 September | Social Practice Social
Friday 22 September | Art, Public & The Commons symposium
Friday 22 September | Figure Ground – book launch
Saturday 23 September | Asian Activism in Nottingham – walk and exhibition
Wednesday 25 October | Tell Me Something I Don’t Know
Saturday 28 October | Skillshare: Pumpkin carving and make-up skills
Wednesday 15 November | Skillshare special: a library of skills + nottingham fixers


Blog: Art in Public Space, Lab 1: Reflections by Sumona Chakravarty
Blog: ART as/ is SOCIAL: The Commons by Lianne Mol
Blog: In conversation with Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad
May – September 2017 | Art in Public Space Labs (Bangalore / Nottingham)
Blog: Arts and Place Regional Conversation: Write up

The Making Place programme is kindly supported by Arts Council England and  Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

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