Resounding in the Museum: Research collaboration and installation
Primary resident Rebecca Lee is leading the a research collaboration with sound historian James Mansell (UoN) with UoN researchers Jonathan Hale and Mark Rawlinson. The project is part of the ‘Sensory Engagement: Arts, Museum, and Research Collaboration for Sound Practice’ project at the University of Nottingham, bringing together practitioners and researchers to investigate new approaches to sound in heritage spaces. The project asks questions about co-working between academic and artist practice, the ways in which sound can facilitate an alternative mode of sensory engagement in the museum setting and how sound can act as the primary artefact and mode of museum engagement, beyond a resource for interpretation and information. After sharing a research phase, she’ll develop a new installation that engages with the space and history of the Brewhouse Yard Museum Caves will be developed, alongside some other events, for public opening in summer 2017.

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