Nichola Smith, Photo Credit Julian Hughes


Lace Market Gallery has a fantastic series of 3 Parent-Artist-Mother-Artist events coming up between 16 March and 31 March including the We Share Residency and participatory events. 16-22 March.

Please see below for details on how to get involved in the project or to book for specific events…

Artists Julian Hughes and Nicola Smith will use the gallery space as a micro research residency to explore connections between each other’s practice and present existing solo work which references being a working artist parent. Nicola and Julian exhibited together in a group show titled We Are Resident at Islington Mill Gallery, Salford in 2016, that was aimed at artist parents and their families and are interested in developing this further.

Julian will develop a series of interactive works made in collaboration with his 6-year-old daughter. These works will explore precious moments spent together, during the weekend at home and at work. Hughes will also invite fathers who work as artists, to bring a collaborative idea or something made with their child, exploring their time spent together. The works will form part of the discussion and dialogue during the residency, where parents and children from his daughter’s school will be invited. If you are an artist father or interested in this project please email: moc.l1529287414iamg@1529287414ofnis1529287414ehguh1529287414nailu1529287414J1529287414

Nicola will use the gallery to present images taken from her family residency at the Takahuhti Art Centre in Tampere, Finland 2016. During this period her 2-year-old son continually interrupted Smith’s studio practice, although the photographic documentation will now be re-presented in the gallery. Smith will be available for 3 family-friendly performative talks/ performance lecture in people’s homes on Friday 17th March at 5pm, 6pm and 7pm. During these ‘home’ visits, she will spin a plate, tidy up and talk about her work. The final 7pm slot requires the artist to be given a meal by the host and sofa or bed to sleep over after the performance. Email the artist to request a booking in the Nottingham area: moc.l1529287414iamg@1529287414tsitr1529287414asn1529287414.

Nicola Smith will host drop-in gallery tours whilst spinning a plate, Wednesday 22 March 3.45pm – 5pm (families welcome) followed by Julian & Nicola hosting a Pot Luck dinner at the gallery at 6pm – 7.30pm where anyone can come along and bring a single dish to an artist talk by both artists with a short discussion for future collaboration with artist parents from Nottingham and Greater Manchester.

Julian Hughes is an artist, curator and educator based in Nottingham. Hughes practice is site-specific and involves walking as a methodology to investigate a place, its history, its geology, the people who inhabit it and the stories these tell. The chance encounters, staged actions and invited responses from others that take place on my journeys are documented through photographs, text and film.

Nicola Smith is a Manchester based artist and curator. She works predominantly in the medium of performance and where appropriate re-presents the documentation as art installations. In particular now being in, and working with families has inspired her most recent work. In the past year Smith has been developing an international artist residency programme for families called, We Are Resident in partnership with Islington Mill in Salford, and the Artists’ Association in Tampere, Finland supported by Arts Council England.



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