Tell Me Something I Don’t Know
Wednesday 26 April, 18.00–21.00

Free entry.
Suggested donation of £3 for food.
BOOKING: gro.y1548162663ramir1548162663perae1548162663w@tra1548162663nieb.1548162663acceb1548162663er1548162663

During the The Commoners’ Fair, Ian Nesbitt extended an open invitation to ‘Tell 
Me Something I Don’t Know’. The result was a full day of ten-minute talks and demonstrations on whole range of topics: from community newspapers, to candied scotch bonnet recipes and subsistence farming in Uganda. The variety and enthusiasm of the speakers and audience means we’re going to continue this activity, as a new series of short talks by anybody about anything. Each event will host six speakers and include a meal. Consider it live action Wikipedia!

If you would like to propose a talk, or nominate someone you think has something to share, please contact moc.l1548162663iamg@1548162663eel.n1548162663aoj.a1548162663ccebe1548162663r1548162663. Speakers eat for free!

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