SEVENTEEN, a Group Exhibition by Russian Artists Olga Grotova, Nika Neelova, Yelena Popova

28 January – 25 March 2017

Private View 27 January 6pm – 8pm

As human lifespan keeps increasing, doubles of all the decades will occur. One could think of the ‘30s as the 2030’s or the 1930’s. In 1917 there was a Russian revolution. Russians still refer to it as ‘The revolution of the year seventeen’, but from this year it will mean both 1917 and 2017. Three artists in the show are drawn to this suggested doubling of history: a return to a fluctuating point in the past and reaching out to an illusive future. This suspended, circular, contemporary state of déjà vu gives rise to the idea of a reanimation of time.

Yelena Popova’s practice continually questions what painting can be and how it operates in contemporary conditions. The work pulls the histories of abstraction into sharper focus by magnifying the temporality of painting by exposing painting’s materiality. The recent Chemical Landscapes and Human Studies series pose a question of human endurance and presence. Popova’s slowly changing chemical reactions and shimmering images that withdraw into the canvas have an autobiographical reference to the secret town in the USSR, where Popova grew up – a centre of nuclear production and the site of a radioactive disaster.

Wayne Burrows ‘Eastern Bloc Disco DJ set’

3rd February, 8pm-late

Primary resident Wayne Burrows will Perform an #EasternBlocDisco for February’s Digbeth First Friday featuring soul, rock, psychedelia, pop, folk and more, all released by the official state record labels of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania, East Germany and the USSR between the early 1960s and mid-1980s.
Wayen will be working with Centrale in 2018 exploring #EasternBlocDisco.

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