Debra Swann & Caroline Locke, 'Making Shaking Shifting Pouring Sawing' (2017) Photo: Reece Straw

Debra Swann & Caroline Locke
Making Shaking Shifting Pouring Sawing
2-18 February 2017, Friday-Saturday 12:00-18:00 or by appointment

Debra Swann and Caroline Locke introduce their new collaborative research. Debra makes things. Caroline makes things move. Together they animate and activate each other’s work. They investigate objects, collect data and explore repetitive routine.

Making Shaking Shifting Pouring Sawing is an investigation that explores the idea of repeated and intensive labour in relation to artistic and domestic process. The work features cyclical movement, made and found objects, sound, video, animation and live performance.

Opening as part of Primary Lates.

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