Rebecca Beinart – Jerwood Open Forest | 2 November – 11 December 2016

This group exhibition brings together work by the five artists selected for the R&D stage of Jerwood Open Forest in 2016: Rebecca Beinart, Magz Hall, Keith Harrison, David Rickard and David Turley.

On 14 November Rebecca Beinart, David Turley and David Rickard discuss their proposals for Jerwood Open Forest and their shared interests in history, memory and language, with writer and editor, Tom Overton.

This event is followed by a short performance devised by Rebecca Beinart based on her research into stories of lost trees. Playing with the idea of a ‘score’, several performers will work their way through a series of visual instructions and fragments of memory. It provides an opportunity for experimentation of ideas for her proposed large-scale performance for a forest, where an audience will navigate their way through a series of narratives, creating connections and meaning through their choice of route.

Rebecca Beinart is exploring care and loss in changing landscapes, bringing together a collection of stories about lost trees throughlarge -scale performances in Leigh Woods ( Bristol) and Ollerton Pit Wood (Nottinghamshire). The performances will open up connections between personal experiences of loss and wider themes such as deforestation, climate change, love, adventure, colonisation and collective memory.
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