Film Free and Easy | The Ek-uh-nom-mix
Saturday 26 November 20:00 – 00:00

A BUMPER SHOW as part of Ian Nesbitt’s Commoners’ Fair event on Saturday 26 November, with input from Annexinema.

“Film Free and Easy is an event devised by artists to explore new ways of showing moving-image works based on the audience bringing along the material that will be shown, creating a unique opportunity for artists and audiences alike.”

We have had a fantastic range of of submissions that will create a casual stroll through a wonderland of different media spread throughout the PRIMARY building.

Work brought by:
Idalina Domingos *Julie Moosburg *Jasmine Brown *Pete Ellis *Benjamin Wigley *Mollie Boyd *Jane Wheat *Ioney Smallhorn *Alistair Thurston-Ambrose *John Gillie *Lizze Gray *Frank Abbott *Amir Ghazi-Noory *Julia Shearer *Daniel Smedley * Emily Simpson *Chris Preece *Liam Brooks *Thomas J Cuthbertson *Chloe Langlois *Julian Zizko *Paul Sharits *Ian Nesbitt *Emily Wilczek *Nadege Meriau

Stroll, look, sit, drink, talk, listen.

Documentation of previous events can be found here.

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