Alice Theobald – The Next Step at Two Queens | 8 October – 19 November 2016 

2 Queen Street, Leicester, LE1 1QW

Alice Theobald‘s The Next Step opens at Two Queens this Friday that was developed out of the Back-To-Front-Space residency at Primary in August.

MAN B/ BABY: Sometimes I just feel like….
MAN A/ DOG: Feel like what?
MAN B/ BABY: Like I’m being left behind.
MAN A/ DOG: Behind?
MAN A/ DOG: Behind who?
MAN B/ BABY: Just… you know… you, them…
MAN A/ DOG: Everyone?
MAN B/ BABY: Everyone seems to be taking the next step whilst I feel like…
MAN A/ DOG: What step?
MAN B/ BABY: You know… the one after this.
MAN A/ DOG: Right.

The new 3D film work produced for the exhibition follows a sprawling conversation of relationships, the repeated cycle of human existence, love, death and personal growth that are questioned towards how these teachings are delivered through mainstream media while a dog and baby walk towards the viewer.

Alice Theobald was part of Primary’s Back-To-Front-Space residency series that encouraged participating artists to experiment with different ways of working through fresh collaborations and trialing new works. Various events were held as part the series including screenings and the live editing of Da Thirst Magazine.
Featured in Back-To-Front-Space were Beatriz Olabarrieta, Matt Copson, Melanie Jackson and Andy Holden.

The Next Step is open from 8 October – 19 November.

The project is supported by public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England, Leicester City Council and De Montfort University.

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