Scores and Sources – Nottingham Contemporary | 20 September 2016 18:30 – 20:30

Rebecca Lee and Frank Abbott have brought together artists and musicians to introduce and demonstrate live performance works that explore notions of uncertainty, value and decline and collective decision-making.  An informal introduction to the scores that influenced the This Certifies That soundtrack in the current Yelena Popova exhibition.

The programme, which will include opportunities for audience members to get involved and see the graphic and text scores will be performed by a new ensemble, formed especially for the concert. Artists and musicians Frank Abbott, Rebecca Lee, Alison Lloyd, Mark Dennis, Caroline Trutz, Nathaniel Mann and Niki Russell bring a variety of backgrounds and performance practices to the scores.

We begin with Balkan Sobranie Smoking Mixture (Greg Bright 1970) & Georgina Cries ( David Jackman 1971). Mainly from the late 1960′s, these original compositions for The Scratch Orchestra will be performed by a mixed group of musicians and non-musicians.

The score to Pastoral Symphony (Michael Chant 1969) will then be declaimed by Caroline Trutz followed by a performance of a version of Section III, from Burdocks (Christian Wolff 1970-1) a key work from the early 1970′s.

We are pleased to present the first live performance of This Certifies That‘  (Rebecca Lee 2016) to accompanying video.

And finish with Solidarity Countdown (Frank Abbott 1971) performed by the audience from a projected 16mm film.

The whole show is about 1 hour, 15 minutes.


Balkan Sobranie Smoking Mixture (1970) – Greg Bright (The Scratch Orchestra)

Georgina Cries (1971) – David Jackman (The Scratch Orchestra)

Pastoral Symphony (1969) – Michael Chant (The Scratch Orchestra)

Section III, from ‘Burdocks’ (1970-1) – Christian Wolff

This Certifies That soundtrack (2016) – Rebecca Lee, live version

Solidarity Countdown (1971) – Frank Abbott.

Performers: Mark Dennis, Caroline Trutz, Alison Lloyd, Nathaniel Robin Mann / Animateddog, Frank Abbott, Rebecca Lee and Niki Russell.

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