Accoutrements of Domestic Ritual – The Lace Market Gallery | 13 October – 21 October 2016

The Lace Market Gallery

Father and daughter Chris and Emma Lewis-Jones have been making work together since 2012

Accoutrements of Domestic Ritual is an exploration of the performative ways in which we imbue our everyday actions with meaning. Informed by a shared interest in Michel de Certeau’s exploration of ‘the practice of everyday life’, gender politics, the preparation (and sharing) of food and all things folkloric, the work explores the rituals (of everyday life) that are performed within the home. The work also explores the contexts within which the gallery itself is located, hence the referencing of the polka stepping of North West Morris, a style of dance popularised by female workers in the textile industries of Northern England during the Industrial revolution. However, the music to which they dance (and prepare food) is not the music of Northern England or the Industrial Revolution, but the Reggae music of 1970s Jamaica (‘Declaration of Rights’ by Johnny Clarke, from ‘Front Line’, an LP that Chris bought in 1976, which he and Emma still enjoy whilst preparing food)!

Notwithstanding the veracity of its critiquie, the performance culminates in a joyous celebration of domestic ritual in which members of the public are invited to participate.

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