Anna K.E. 'Leaving the Rock Stage' (2016)

Anna K.E. 
Leaving the Rock Stage 

PREVIEW: Thursday 29 September, 18:00-22:00
30 September–12 November, Friday–Saturday 12:00–18:00 or by appointment

Corners of Cosmetic Application
Counting barriers and deepening itself in overloaded gestural causalities.

Leaving the rock stage –
allowing the paravans dividing the space into a maze of windows of vulnerability.

Creating primary tension by facing its back to the counterpole.
Indicating the vagueness of primordial contemporary seek;
in its comprehension in nature and its will to overcome.

Applying the decoded system and allowing the shift towards alienation;
defined costumeless existence – beyond the control of observer.

Both parties while exploring, abandon its systematic understanding.

Repetitive tact within absence of rhythmical detection – variations of symbols and monochromic gestures.

Anna K.E., 17 July 2016

In her first solo exhibition in the UK, Anna K.E. has developed an ambitious new installation specifically imagined for the space at Primary. The artist – who was born in Tbilisi, Georgia and now resides in New York – produces complex sculptural installations, which bring together a wide variety of forms – shifting, rearranging, dislocating, and transforming these diverse materials through their combination.There is a strong choreographic impetus evident in both the making, and the positioning of her work, which allows new and different sides to become visible as one walks around it. At the core of K.E.’s diverse practice is a desire to make spatial interventions. This new commission builds upon a strand of Primary’s programme that aims to consider what an expanded form of sculpture might be, where objects, images, text, performance and sound are interwoven.

This exhibition is supported by The Elephant Trust and The Henry Moore Foundation.

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