Film Free and Easy ‘Summer Selfie’
Thursday 2 June 2016, 19:00-22:00 

Food and drink available from the Small Food Bakery

Bring and show event – anything that can be seen on a screen, on the wall, on the phone.

Film Free and Easy ‘Summer Selfie’ takes place in the studios, playground and public spaces of Primary

With contributions from Amir Ghazi-Noory & Shoji Wataru, Andrew Pepper, Julie Moosburg, Emily Simpson, Alison lloyd, Reactor, Joseph Winsborrow/Chloe Parkes, Julian Hughes, Tom Kilby , Craig Parr, Effy Harle, Chloe Langlois, Richard Brown, Jim Brouwer, Yvonne Lake, Kerstie Birtwistle, Wayne Burrows, Daniel Smedley, Kev Ryan, Frank Abbott, Roger Suckling, Alice Gale-Feeny, Belen Cerezo, Rebecca Lee.

78 rpm records,
16mm film,
mobile phone movies,
immersive headsets (with sex change facility),
live music and super 8mm films,
glitch movies,
films – free and easy.

For those who have been before, it will be an evening stroll through a unique mix of material brought by the audience. For those who have not been before, have a look at the selfie we made of our last event in March.

Summer Selfie encourages others to bring and view something of themselves… in the broadest sense.

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