Film Free and Easy ‘Summer Selfie’ – Call Out
Deadline: Thursday 26 May

CALL OUT for work to bring and show – New video, old stuff, archive footage, CGI, installations, audio and performances.

On a screen, on the wall, on the phone?

We are now collecting material for the next Film Free and Easy ‘Summer Selfie’ on Thursday 2 June , 19:00-22:00.

This event takes place over one evening in the studios and public spaces at Primary, 33 Seely Road, Nottingham including outdoors in the playground.

Email details of your submission to moc.l1532330917iamg@1532330917ysaed1532330917naeer1532330917fmlif1532330917 by Thursday 26 May if you would like to take part. As usual, in the spirit of FF&E, we are sending this call-out at short notice – don’t let this put you off!

We welcome any medium (film, digital, VHS, slides, phones, live webcast). Please include in your email a short description of what you want to do or show, including duration, medium and display method. We are looking for anything that can be projected or shown on a screen, and are keen to hear about experimental proposals. Please note that you are expected to bring along anything you want to show, plus equipment where possible, and be there in person during the event.

We will be showing a film we made during the last Film Free & Easy and encourage others to bring something of themselves… in the broadest sense.

If you have nothing to show, don’t worry, just come along to the event and enjoy.

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