In February 2016 Anne Harild, Amy Goodwin, Hannah Rae Alton, Irene Vidal Cal and I launched our year long project Cassiopeia from project space two at Primary.

The project is named Cassiopeia after a constellation in the Northern hemisphere composed of five stars, reflecting the idea of mapping collaboration and shared interests in systems of knowledge – particularly those relating to communication and architectural structures. Cassiopeia is a project which aims to answer particular concerns within our practice. First, the importance of making and communicating research, and second the practical issues of exhibiting works on paper.

Prior to our week at Primary, we had had different working relationships with one another and although we’ve been discussing our research for nearly a year, we’d never actually worked together as a group. We wanted to use the week at to learn about each other’s ideas and to think about how our work might share a space. In the week, we ran workshops for one another which acted both as practice runs for workshops we plan to run from our two London shows and which also served the purpose of introducing our ideas to one another. Work produced in the workshops included generating designs for display systems for the show in May, encrypting stories by Italo Calvino and the Galician writer, Alfonso Daniel Rodríguez Castelao, deconstructing architecture and most excitingly building crystal radios which allowed us to listen to the ambient buzzes and hums within Primary.

Cassiopeia is a project which will run throughout 2016. In May we are showing at APT gallery in Deptford and in November we will have an exhibition at Guest Projects in Hackney. We are planning to document the year in a book which will be published in early 2017. Each part of the project is a development of and a response to the last one.

- Catrin Morgan

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