Nottingham Black Archive walk, Photo: Ben Harriott

The Armchair Traveller
May – July 2016

Whose heritage do we celebrate?
What do places inherit?

Primary presents a series of walking events that invert the idea of the Grand Tour, looking for the compelling cultural adventure on our own doorsteps. These events take place as part of the The Grand Tour Fringe Programme: Season Two. The walks will draw out connections between personal experiences of place and the grand narratives that shape these experiences (and provide a background to the original Grand Tour) such as Imperialism, freedom of movement and urban regeneration.

All events are free but booking is essential.

Saturday 28 May, 14.00: Nottingham Black Archive
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A whistle stop tour of the Black presence in the NG7 area of Nottingham from the earliest point in time to the present day with Nottingham Black Archive. Stories will be told through poetry, music, film and drama by members of the Nottingham community, including the first generation of Caribbeans to settle in Nottingham during the 1950s.

Soca Art Market 16.00 – 17.00: As part of Nottingham Black Archive’s tour there will be a fantastic opportunity to journey back through time and celebrate one of the most influential Black organisations of the 1970s. Come peruse the ACFF (Association of Caribbean Family and Friends) popular Soca Art Market. A reconstruction of what once was a well-liked annual event including craft and book stalls and a range of speakers.

Saturday 11 June, 14.00: Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad
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Designer Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad will lead a walk drawing on his research into a citizen-led design project that emerged from the now demolished Hyson Green Flats in the 1970s. Bahbak will work alongside some of the original residents to explore ways that this moment of local history can inform the way we engage with and shape the city today.

Saturday 25 June, 14.00: Emma Smith
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Artist Emma Smith brings her School for Tourists to Nottingham: an ongoing project to examine our relationship to place, questioning the roles of visitor and local, and considering new possibilities for belonging. Visitors and locals are invited to explore Radford together.

This walk will explore different ways of looking – considering how a change of pace or perspective can allow us to see things we otherwise would not. Our walk will not take place along a given route but rather will be created through choices made by participants on the day. We will seek to get lost and take our time unravelling the detail of the neighbourhood together.

Saturday 2 July, 15.00 – 17.00: Rachael Young & Richard Houguez
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Artists Rachael Young and Richard Houguez will guide a group through the hairdressing histories of the Radford. Calling in at the salons and barbers they worked closely with during their Intersections commission at Primary, they will revisit these sites of intimacy, transformation and community identity.

HAIR PARTY! 17.00 – 20.00
At Sonic Barbers, 62 Derby Road

After the walk drop by and join Rachael, Richard and the Sonic Barbers Team for drinks, music and hair tips.

For further information please email gro.y1594092658ramir1594092658perae1594092658w@tra1594092658nieb.1594092658acceb1594092658er1594092658 or call 07963 505429

Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad’s research was developed with support of Broadway’s Near Now Fellowship and New Art Exchange, Nottingham, and featured in the exhibition ‘Hyson Green Workshops: Citizen Design Action’.

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