Saturday 5 March, 13.00 – 16.00 

This event is to mark the launch of a new Printmaking and Ceramic workshop facility at Primary. On the day you will be able to try out both printing and pottery free of charge.

There will be a rootsical SELECTION provided by DJ Boysie, Drinks and pancakes will be served, feel free to Bring your own topping!

Following on from the launch party there will be regular workshops and events at:

Nottingham Print Workshop For more infomation contact Anthony Godfrey:
0798 559 2414 / moc.o1524228864iduts1524228864olfdn1524228864abbe@1524228864ynoht1524228864na1524228864

The Pottery Studio. For more infomation contact Christine Stevens: ku.oc1524228864.snev1524228864etsen1524228864itsir1524228864hc@li1524228864am1524228864

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