Nominate a whistler at work

Is there someone where you work that is always whistling, humming or singing a tune?

We are currently working with international artist Emma Smith who is composing an orchestral score based on work songs from Nottingham past and present to be performed by a whistling orchestra.

We are collecting sound bites of the best music makers at work. We are looking for natural recordings of people whistling, humming or singing while at work – not performing – so try to capture the voice while the person is going about their normal work.

To nominate a colleague please send a maximum of 3 minute sample of their voice to gro.y1516567341ramir1516567341perae1516567341w@tra1516567341nieb.1516567341acceb1516567341er1516567341
Please make sure you have the vocalists consent before sending.

The best ditties will be included within the new orchestral score.

Please send contributions by 2nd February.

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