Image: Yelena Popova

Yelena Popova at Tensta Konsthall, Sweden
27 January – 5 May

Primary Artist resident Yelena Popova is part of a group exhibition in Sweden addressing the question: How do we see? With what gaze and from what horizon? 

In paintings, prints, and photographs, the attention is pointed back to the observer. Thus, the observer contributes to the formulation of the work, affecting the patterns that appear and the associations that come forth. By refocusing and refiguring the way the eye apprehends a given space, New Visions contests the habits of seeing and the methods of directing the eye.

If contemporary times demand clarity, orderliness, transparency, and intelligibility, then New Vision calls for other possibilities. The abstract image and the state of vagueness suggest viewpoints and speculations that are seldom given room in the public debate. Reflections, refractions, and opacities are brought to the foreground, as the penetrating light that creates clarity and, often, a sense of control fades into the background. New effects and meanings arise in the in-between spaces. What and how we see is not a given law of nature but rather a continuing mediation. Since the age of the Enlightenment, light has stood as a metaphor for the rational and the disambiguating society, for pure reason. However, with colonial schemes in hindsight, a necessity develops to examine these metaphors anew. To distrust the gaze. To adjust the lens. In New Visions, appearances are of a vacillating nature: challenging, ambiguous, but visually visionary.

Participating:  Rana Begum (Sylhet/London), Nadia Belerique (Toronto), Mounir Farmanfarmaian (Teheran), David Maljkovic (Zagreb), Philippe Parreno (Paris), Adam Pendelton (New York), Yelena Popova (Moscow/Nottingham)


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