In association with HUTT and The Writing Room

Residency, Saturday 14 – Friday 27 November

HUTT presents group residency with Ciaran Harrington, Joe Rowley & Rob Flint, using The Writing Room as a catalyst for a conversation between the residents and invited friends. It comprises a customised garden shed, installed in the centre of an open space within which objects and actions will be staged in an experimental way – sometimes for an audience, sometimes not, but always public.

Public Events

Friday 20 November, 18.00 – 21.00
Screening of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain
Informal screening of Jodorowsky’s masterpiece, Holy Mountain, with refreshments and nibbles in an ambient setting.

Saturday 20 November, 10.00 – 18.00
Open Studios
A chance to come and interact with the residency and invited artists in workshops, performances and a Pot Luck Lunch at 1PM.

Friday 27 November – 18.00 – 21.00
Closing Event
A presentation of more resolved works from the time in residency. Performance, music, refreshments and conversation.

Following Rob Flint’s sojourn in the Writing Room during Summer Lodge 2104, in the studios of Nottingham Trent University, HUTT present a group residency within the public space of Primary studios with Ciaran Harrington, Joe Rowley & Rob Flint.

The Writing Room’s resemblance to an airstrip control tower, with bright checkerboard interior and exterior, and it’s mounted loudspeakers, implies a commanding authority, but it’s symbolism is arcane, the way airfield signage and signals speak a seemingly alien language of numbers and letters.

The design is the opposite of camouflage – its principle function is to be visible against any surface, ground or sky, without any other other signification. In an intensely encoded world, here is something that symbolises only itself and simple distinction from its environment. It has ‘to-be-seen-ness’. A mute, alien authority, like ‘Rover’, the ominous sphere in The Prisoner, married to the acid-bright tableaux of Jodorowsky.

Artists want to be seen, too. Do they also want to be understood? The groups surrounding the building are working to communicate with one another, as well as trying to signal to this remote, possibly absent entity who may or may not rescue them from their exile.

Who or what does it represent? Is it: Success? an Audience? an Art-world, or worlds? the Public? an Authority? or just the future? This formless entity may or may not be listening or watching. Can it be reached, attracted, placated, or drawn nearer to? Should it be worshipped, or is it enough to have communion with one another around it?

Lets try some things. See what it does…


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